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A real basic Moen or Delta single-handle, no spray, no soap dispenser kitchen faucet is least expensive to install.  Typical kitchen faucet installation range is $225-375.00.   We do not warranty customer supplied product or material unless supplied through us.  Buy a name brand - Please! 

Attempting to repair a faucet whether it be bath lav, tub or kitchen faucet, regardless of the age of faucet, will definitely cost more than an installation of a new faucet!!!
  Plumbing wages make it more cost effective to replace vs. an attempted repair.  Manufacturers have made it difficult to repair faucets without  ordering repair parts.  If we have to special order = more cost to you.
Trenchless Water Service- Our Specialty!!

   NEW WIRSBO/PEX TRENCHLESS LINE FROM THE METER TO THE HOUSE - New Water Lines are based on the distance from the main meter to connection at home.  We use direction underground boring, that cost is based on the distance from meter to connection at home.  Additional cost may include ground hardness, obstacles and distance (its a time thing). Rockeries, retaining walls, concrete walks, large rocks, landscaping all dramatically change the cost.  Plumbers don't landscape or patch concrete.  Plumbers can replace underground pipes without trenching the entire distance in many cases.   Keep in mind you electrical panel will have to be grounded if it is not already at your expense.

Toilet Installation:

Varies on whether or not toilet is supplied or we are picking up.  Also, recycling fees may apply if we are hauling away your old toilet.  A typical cost to install a customer supplied toilet and haul away old is $275.  If we pick up the toilet the cost will be more to cover our time.

We Guaranty:

The quality of our work for 1 year.   THIS MEANS LABOR/WORKMANSHIP, only.   All plumbing parts are guaranteed for 90 days against defects WHEN THEY COME OFF OF OUR TRUCK. There is no warranty on customer-supplied items.  When you supply the part YOU are responsible for paying any plumbing labor charges if it has to be repaired or replaced.

Drain Snaking:  
There is no warranty on drain cleaning. We open a clogged drain but cannot guarantee that it won't plug up again.  When we leave the drain will be running clear at that time or we do not charge.

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